Ajayi Tolulope
5 min readOct 15, 2020


Oktober Protests-Dawn of the New Nigeria.

It’s comedic, to say the least, that Nigerians will choose to start a revolt in the same month that marks the independence of their country, about 60 years ago from the British. But the real independence began in 2020, October, this time from police brutality and bad governance. The most ironical thing about these protests is that they were started, maintained, and equipped by the younger generations, substituting the older generations to the back, leaving them to watch in awe how their kids take the reins of the country back from the locusts who have ruled the government continues to the ground. Borrowing the statement ”Chaos is a ladder” from the game of thrones, our leaders have always fueled chaos around the country to promote their selfish ambitions, but this time, they never could fathom that a peaceful, De-centralized protest can occur right under their noses for more than a week, they are laughing hysterically at their wits which have failed them afterall the intelligence of the young has proven underrated.

These protests were organic, came from the brewing anger of young people around the country, especially the south and the FCT, who called for the government to finally put an end to the impunity enjoyed by members of the dreadful Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), the accusations against them are genuine and real, with video and pictorial evidence to prove. At first, the government called our bluff. After all, that wasn’t the first time we would threaten protests. This time we shocked them; they called us ”Twitter-warriors” unknowingly to them. These e-warriors would be the most stubborn sets of protesters ever encountered by the government of Nigeria in 60 years. We weren’t even asking for much, ”Just end the dreadful criminal police squad.” but like everything else, the government dragged its feet, hoping that as usual, we shall tire out; I mean,” Nigerians always tire out quickly,” but this was an unusual protest, the youths were genuinely tired, we didn’t have to be tired anymore, we just had to be resilient. The protests gathered support from small and large pockets of protesters turning up in several cities worldwide, both online and offline. We meant business. The real heroes of the protests were the youths who haven’t enjoyed the fruits of their democracy. Still, it is essential to give the most credit to our women and girls; their bravery and tenacity made sure all the efforts of protesters were not in vain. Everything was organized, from refreshments to medical supplies, all grounds were covered, including legal resources for bailing out arrested protesters and medical funds for treating injured ones. The government watched stupendously, wondering how the same youths they tagged ”Lazy” were able to put their differences aside and fight side by side like comrades donating funds and pulling the immense amount of resources together to achieve one objective ”#EndSars” I am confident they were beginning to curse the month of October already. Still, in contrast, it was a blessing for us, the youths; this was the month we finally found our voice. And this voice can’t be silenced by their typical divide and conquer tactics and trust me, they’ve tried. They tried to sow the seed of discord amongst us by triggering gender wars but were doused as quickly as they started. They started the tribal wars; they were put-out. The religious wars, the heavens gave us the grace to resist them. Instead of fighting, we prayed together in tongues and Arabic, binding the principalities of hell in the form of government away. We fought any way of divisions; then, they played their joker. They asked, “Send your leaders, let us negotiate” we simply replied to them with a firm reply, we have no leaders. The government of Nigeria held their chests, ”who are these kids, and where did they sprout from?”. Well, we were the monsters they created; we’re ready to take our country back as peacefully as they want. Our level of coordination appalled them. Then they pulled the trigger.

Tragedy struck first in Ogbomosho when police opened fire on peaceful protesters; Jimoh Isiaq became the first fatality. Subsequently, the protesters in FCT were brutalized; also, protesters in Lagos and other states in Nigeria were degraded, but the youths never became violent for once. The mandate was transparent” Peaceful.” we never reacted violently; instead, we continued demonstrating peacefully. Then the police chief bowed to pressure and announced the ban of the dreaded police group ”SARS.” we agreed. Still, we weren’t convinced because it wasn’t their first time giving us soft victories like announcing a ban or police reforms; then they relapse; we didn’t want any broken promises. We simply asked the federal government to speak to the nation and formally issue an executive order to that effect, but since then, it’s been silence. It seems like the President holds a grudge against his fellow countrymen, he keeps malice with them, and his silence is loud. We simply rolled out five demands that the government must meet before the protests get called off, that’s if any “living” individual has got any powers to end the demonstrations since the leaders of the demonstrations are our dead comrades lead by the late Jimoh Isiaq and his council of countless victims of SARS brutality.

It is important to note that our local media didn’t take sides with the youths in 2020; instead, they tried discrediting us by pushing false news/narratives to influence the protests negatively. We understand who gave the orders are the same people who continue stealing from the coffers of the country. We thank the foreign media for helping us spread the word; posterity will judge you accordingly. To every local and foreign brand that has supported us either one way or the other, we remember your names, and we shall massively help you. Our religious leaders who are only loud when their businesses are attacked, we listen to your silence, and I can assure you that we’ve heard you; we appreciate those who already lend their voice to our efforts. To Nigerian youths, keep up the excellent work; Nigeria must work in our lifetime; let’s remember the reason we stand on these roads and protest; police corruption and brutality must never become a norm in a society like Nigeria, so today we stand arm in arm, no gender, no sexuality, no tribe, no religion, no respect just one tag, “Hello, Comrades.”

I hope they understand that the #EndSars” protests are not the end. We’re simply coming for all of them.