The Social-Guillotine

We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves the way we see and judge others- José Emilio Pacheco

There is a famous saying, if you live so long you’d see your heroes become villains but then I almost usually have this counter-argument with my mind, about who made them heroes and villains? Humans, since the times of old, have always needed something/someone to look up to, either for guidance or morale. Creating graven images from substances beneath us just because we don’t understand the extent of our genius. It even gets so infuriating these days that we are so quick to cancel out and destroy the same gods we soiled in tears and sweat to create. But I’ve soon realized that it isn’t as easy to destroy the human gods we’ve created as it is to eliminate those made out of clay and metals.

From my daily observations in recent times, we’ve created the habit of creating heroes out of humans and then expecting them to think, breathe and behave in conformations to exactly how we think they should because of the view that they are perfect in our eyes, we put them on very high standards and expect them to be immaculate. At the same time, we forget that they are flawed from creation; they can’t only act based on our criteria and opinions; they also have their own life to live. When they don’t conform, we draw a red line and try to cancel them as complete as possible, turning them into credible villains.

We give humans so much credit, expecting perfection when, in reality, the basic tenets of every living human is imperfections. From my basic understanding of machines, it is said that no device is 100% efficient. Then why do we expect the same from humans? What are humans, if not a bag of flesh and mistakes? In her words, a famous author said, Social media doesn’t give you the rights to be wrong, and I must agree with her; we all live in societies where everyone simply performs to be great and perfect humans, ignoring our hypocrisy after all Na person when them catch be thief. So in entirety, there isn’t any freedom of speech or expressions, just plain theatrics, each person performing the immaculate tale to their audience(s). Let’s assume you’ve been a hero for ten years; the one day you stop being a hero, the new social constitution stipulates that all former good deeds remain null and void. When we create a new hero, we must discredit and destroy the old heroes after all their times are passed; the times are a-changing.One thing adulthood showed me was that all humans are flawed, and we must learn to understand that creating gods/heroes out of humans will only lead to a terrible disaster. It might be cynical to say that expect the worst from humans, but it is also honest. We must understand that the fluidity of our mind doesn’t give room for perfection and the standards we create for other humans aren’t reality; life isn’t black or white alone, there’s an area called grey, and it exists for a reason. And at the end of the day, we all are hypocrites, so we have no moral obligations to cancel those who err.



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